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Published on April 29th, 2008 | by James


GTA 4 having issues with multiplayer on the PS3

Well I finally got my copies of GTA 4. Yes I said copies. 1 is for the 360 in the office and the other is for my PS3. While I have enjoyed a few hours playing the game on the 360 at work I could not play online as it is not wired up for some reason.

On arrival at home I immediately installed my PS3 copy and went straight to multiplayer. Unfortunately with little success. It appears that the network maybe having some issues. I should not be surprised really everyone I know has bought the game, and I assume everyone is also trying to get online.

I seem to be either having problems connecting to the network, being disconnected when I do connect, having issues with the game actually starting and when I do start everyone immediately disconnects.

I have only managed to play about 3 minutes against anyone so far. Oh sad for me.

I even thought it maybe my wireless playing up so I ran a cable to the PS3 and connected it via that. Still no joy.

Oh well looks like I am stuck playing the single player missions for a while.

Edit: There are several threads in in the Playstation forums confirming these problems.

Online Unavailable Can’t Connect to Multiplayer

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4 Responses to GTA 4 having issues with multiplayer on the PS3

  1. James says:

    Well it looks like I can not even access multiplayer at all. Constantly recieving “Cannot connect to game provider please try again later”

    I have also tried setting up the port forwarding on my router with no look. I use a draytek vigour 2820 so not some cheap box provided by my ISP. I have tried it with and without Upnp and opening up the correct ports.

    I dont think there is anything else left to try so I assume it is all to do with the network being overloaded.

  2. will finney says:

    try signing out of the playstation network first, then run the game, select multiplayer and it will ask you to connect then.  this has worked for me.

  3. James says:

    I should of updated this post sooner.


    I tried that technique too but it didn’t work but that was last Tuesday. I was away web but on Thursday it was all running fine for me. There must of been a few teething problems that’s all.

  4. Israel says:

    When I click on the multiplayer it says “An Ethernet cable is not connected (80130186),” I dont know what is it!

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