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Sony Walkman A845

The Sony Walkman A845 was first spotted last year and was believed to be coming our way in January. Well it has been released today and certainly looks up there to compete with the iPod touch especially if you’re an audiophile...

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Creative Zen Style Series PMPs

We see a lot of PMPs heading to the market but are most of them any good? Creative in my mind were always top dog before Apple took over and the popularity stealing iPod broke the mainstream. Since Creative have lagged behind...

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Cowon J3 : PMP heading here

Cowon a South Korean Electronics company is releasing its lovely AMOLED screened PMP in Britain to put it in competition with the iPod nano sector. The PMP was only made official on South Korea a month ago so its a little...

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Mio Moov V780 : HD SatNav

The world of the SatNav has come in leaps and bounds over the past few years and its hard not to know a car owner who hasn’t got one and now with the increase in well “smartness” of smartphones (most now have free GPS Navigation...

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