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Published on August 13th, 2010 | by James Smythe


[Competition closed]Win an iPod Touch, courtesy of Argos

Update: Wow, we have been impressed with the number of entries! We have now closed the competition and picked a winner by using to select a comment number.

The winner is : Roisin Nuttall

Argos is offering a Mighty Gadget reader the chance to win an 8GB iPod Touch, worth £149.99.

Arguably, one of the best MP3 players on the market this is an opportunity not to be missed. All you have to do is leave a comment on this post.

Please use your real name and give a valid email address and only enter the competition once.

All comments are moderated and we reserve the right to accept or deny any comments made. Once your comment has been accepted you will be eligible to win the iPod Touch.

We will be opening the competition to anyone within the EU and we will announce the winner next Friday (20/08/2010).

This prize has been supplied courtesy of Argos, who provide a wide range of MP3 players, such as the iPod Touch and iPod Nano. Please note Argos only deliver to the UK

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559 Responses to [Competition closed]Win an iPod Touch, courtesy of Argos

  1. Dawn W says:

    I’d love to be entered..

  2. jayshree patel says:

    Wow, it looks cool!!

  3. Paul Fawcett says:

    Have been looking at replacing my old mp3 player for some time now, winning one would make things all the better.

  4. Steve Nicholls says:

    Thank you to both Mighty Gadget and Argos for offering up an iPod Touch as the prize, fingers crossed I actually win something for the first time ever!

  5. steven smtih says:

    My son would love one of these for his birthday !

  6. Simon Ogston says:

    Fab competition and prize. Good Luck to meeee!!!

  7. Rory Campion says:

    I’d be happy to win this…

  8. roland smith says:

    My 3rd gen nano is on its last legs, i would love to win a new ipod :)

  9. Mark Simkins says:

    Ooooh, what nice people Argos are and Mighty Gadget are!

  10. Maureen Williams says:

    Great Competition – Thank you

  11. Roisin Nuttall says:

    I have been using an awful no name MP3 player for the last couple of years so it would be great if I could win this!

  12. Nicky says:

    Wow would love to win an Ipod Touch

  13. Ryan Addams says:

    My iphone broke so it’d be a nice replacement

  14. Chris Thompson says:

    I’m still using a minidisc player, please help me ;)

  15. Serena La Pietra says:

    Yes please, my son was raving about the very same prize the other day. Spooky.

  16. james says:

    Hope to win this contest. Thanks.

  17. Emma Macdonald says:

    I’m still playing CD’s !!
    So this would be make a lovely replacement.
    Good luck everyone !!

  18. Paul Freeman says:

    I’m still using a 1GB ipod nano version 2 I believe so I’m due an upgrade please?!

  19. Annette says:

    I have an old ipod mini that’s totally on the way out, would love to win a new one and this one is wonderful :-)

  20. Callum McRitchie says:

    What a great prize to win! Good luck to all!

  21. John Beagrie says:

    Please add me to the draw


  22. Caroline O'Keeffe says:

    This would be perfect to entertain me my 18 hour flight to Australia! Good luck everyone!

  23. robert says:

    i really would like to win

  24. Stewart Herbert says:

    apple are the devil!

  25. graham nichols says:

    these are slick,i would really like one of these for when i go jogging

  26. Catherine says:

    I dont have any tpe of MP3 (my last portable music system was a walkman!) so would love to win this.

  27. Lou says:

    This looks great, hope to win!

  28. Keith Coverdale says:

    Looks Fab, thanks for running this.

  29. sam henderson says:

    i would just love this, with 3 teenagers all wanting one, it would certainly help to win one.

  30. Louise Paterson says:

    we bought my daughter one of these for our holiday she only had it a few days it was fantastic and she left it on the flight she was so upset we haven’t been able to replace it yet, would love to win this for her!

  31. Jacqueline Fung says:

    Really want one of these there is just so much that you can do with them music,games etc
    fingers crossed!!

  32. Stuart says:

    What a great competition, I would love to win this,

  33. G.LOPEZ says:

    Oooooooooh! An iPod Touch, pls pls pls let it be me, dear Argos!

  34. Helen says:

    Love an Ipod touch!!

  35. Ashleigh says:

    please enter me i’d love to win!

  36. Young Lee says:

    It’s the first time I’ve visited this site but I’m already hooked! So many gadgets, so little time. Keep up the good work and good luck to the winner!

  37. Richard Sutherland says:

    I’d love one of these. Thanks

  38. Salman Jamil says:

    Would really like to win this .. love this really amazing gadget

  39. Chris says:

    Need to replace my old MP3 player after it died on me, i want one!

  40. Darius Dragasius says:

    Please, count me in!!

  41. alan mcveigh says:

    would be nice

  42. stuart hargreaves says:

    I am too tight to buy one, heres hoping

  43. Margery Clegg says:

    An amazing prize! Good luck everyone. :)

  44. Stephen Lee says:

    Yes Please!

  45. Margaret Dunlop says:

    Great prize. Please enter me in the competition.

  46. Rachael says:

    Truely a Mighty Gadget if I ever saw one!

  47. Aleck says:

    Would be nice to win something for a change! Good luck everyone. :-)

  48. Ron Goodwin says:

    I’d love to “Touch” one of those!

  49. Alison Smith says:

    Faaaab prize, my mums got one its amazing! I’d love o be entered… good luck everyone :)

  50. Lisa says:

    Love it…….

  51. nicolene abdesselam says:

    would love to win……pleeeeze

  52. Laura Sanderson says:

    I would love to win this :)

  53. jez says:

    winning the Apple today, will keep the boredom at bay

  54. Cara says:

    Please enter me for iPod Touch draw prize. Fingers crossed ;)

  55. Rebecca Ball says:

    My son is starting 6th form in sept and would love to win one of these for the bus trip xx

  56. Karen Colbeck says:

    Fab prize, my son would love this :-)

  57. Gemma Harrison says:

    I would love this for my husband, the one he has only keeps charged for half an hour so he can listen to it on his way to work but not on his way home. Good luck all

  58. Steve says:

    Brillant Comp Excellent Prize Would love to win

  59. C Hui says:

    Sounds great, count me in!

  60. Alexandra says:

    Fab prize, hope I win :)

  61. Paudie says:

    oooh – looks cool. My son has a similar one but won’t let me touch it…

  62. Linda Lee says:

    Just another person who wants to win. Here’s hoping!



  64. Ollie says:

    Hope I win, really want an ipod!

  65. katherine grieve says:

    Would absolutely love to win this, best prize ever!!!!!

  66. mark raffety says:

    I would love to be entered

  67. caroline davison says:

    Thanks for a great competition! Fingers crossed that I win!

  68. rebecca pawsey says:

    i would like to be entered as is a lovely prize.

  69. Karen Scammell says:

    would like to be entered x

  70. Bob Clark says:

    Wow – great prize – please enter me

  71. emma barron says:

    I woud love to win one of these as my ipod shuffle doesnt have enough memory to hold all of my fav songs!!

  72. rich hawkins says:

    please enter me into this competition to win one of these ipod touch.

  73. Sues says:

    The best of the best from the Mightiest pair. Thanks Mighty Gadget and Argos!!

  74. Kenneth Deed says:

    Please bring me up to the 21st Century. Thank You!

  75. Kenneth Deed says:

    A New ipod would just be so fab. Thank You!

  76. Andy D says:

    Fab competition and prize

  77. Karen Donald says:

    Would love to win this!

  78. Simon says:

    Wow, my old Ipod does need updating

  79. A4514 says:

    oooohhh cool prize

  80. Ligaya Bolton says:

    Hope to win this for the family. Were always figthing who gets my mothers Ipod first for the games.

  81. stacy moore says:

    Would loooove to win this and be a cool mum.

  82. Val Starbuck says:

    Looks great

  83. Cher says:

    Brilliant competition, thanks for running it!

  84. s hil says:

    This technophobe would like to be dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st century by winning this

  85. Nic says:

    great gadget!

  86. Marie says:

    Please let it be me.

  87. Dan Holmes says:

    its a beaut!

  88. Kathryn says:

    Would love to win this!

  89. Nicola Seary says:

    Great prize,Have got a Nano which needs to be updated,fingers crossed.

  90. HELEN DOBRICIC says:

    what a great ipod

  91. Yvonne Poole says:

    I would love an iPod Touch, thank you MightyGadget and Argos x

  92. James E. says:

    Looks like a great prize

  93. Bongani says:

    Would love to win this undisputed, beautifully engineered, daddy of gadgets.

    *Fingers crossed*

  94. Faiza Osman says:

    Thanks for giving us the opportunity to win this. Would love to be the winner and brighten up someone’s day!

  95. emma says:

    Wow, it looks cool

  96. Ahktar says:

    Would love to win this item

  97. Carl May says:

    Currently using my ancient phone as an MP3 player. It isn’t ideal to be honest (sound quality is rather dire). Plus I would like to watch videos on the go. So winning this would be perfect!

  98. FionaLynne Edwards says:

    Ooh I’d love one of these. My friend has one and is totally addicted – you can’t get her off of it!

  99. Jean says:

    I’d like to enter for this competition! Thanks!

  100. KATHRYN says:

    A very beautiful piece of tech. Would make my year if I won!

  101. maureen quinnell says:

    great prize – would love to be entered

  102. Tracy says:


  103. Naomi Allard says:

    This is on my wish list so keeping fingers crossed its mine!!!!!!!!!!!!

  104. Trevor says:

    Never had an ipod before, would love to have one, so I can listen to my favourite tunes on the go!

  105. Lora says:

    Yes please, I’d love to win for my sister, it’s top of her wishlist just now and it’s her birthday next month

  106. Nina Miller says:

    Aw go on : )

  107. amanda stark says:

    please enter me!

  108. Maddy says:

    Shosing my age by admitting I’m still stuck with a Sony Walkman, so this would be a real upgrade!

  109. Maddy says:

    Showing my age by admitting I’m still stuck with a Sony Walkman, so this would be a real upgrade!

  110. nadia says:

    Fingers crossed, my old mp3s knackered!!

  111. Paul Scott says:

    i still have a walkman..

  112. Ray says:

    Great iPod – would love to win it

  113. stephanie isherwood says:

    Fingers crossed. Would love an Ipod

  114. philip conchie says:

    it would save me money if i won it

  115. Graham Westerberg says:

    i’d love an Ipod

  116. liz denial says:

    I am desperate for one of these for my best friend who has been a rock through a very difficult few months of illness. I don’t know how I could have coped without her & she’d love this prize

  117. Anne Thompson says:

    a fab prize, would love to win

  118. S Kumar says:

    This is mine.

  119. Caroline says:

    Looks fantastic and my friend told me they’re easy to use

  120. Pete A says:

    Would love to win this draw – you just never know!

  121. Jim Ness says:

    Fab competition and prize.

  122. SARAH GREEN says:

    Would to win this to give to my son for Christmas

  123. Carla says:

    Lovely prize and i would love to be able to play music on the go. Please can you enter me.

  124. Heather Knotts says:

    Wow!, hope I win this, would certainly help with the long commute to work

  125. Charles says:


  126. patricia holden says:

    let me win it

  127. damien says:

    cheesy chips!

  128. John Tingay says:

    A Fantastic Prize – Gadget of the Decade?

  129. JILL ANN MANN says:

    This old dog would love to learn new tricks lol

  130. alison wakefield says:

    Omg I would love one of these and a massive thank you to Mighty Gadget and Argos for offering up an iPod Touch as the prize. This would be very helpful for me when out and about hope I win one one day.

  131. Ian Green says:

    The ipod rocks,please stick through my letter box.

  132. Nicola Clews says:

    Just graduated and broke at the moment so winning this prize would be amazing! :)

  133. Anne-Marie Sane says:

    I’d love to win one of these. I haven’t self harmed in almost a year and my fiancé said that he’d get me an Ipod Touch when a year has passed but I know he really can’t afford it and I don’t want to see him out of pocket. :(

  134. Trevor Gilbert says:

    I have wanted one of these for ages!! Good luck everyone

  135. Kate says:

    Wow!!! I would love to win it, it would be like all christmases and birthdays coming all at once. Thank you. xxx

  136. Peter Jones says:

    I’d love to win an iPod Touch, so very useful and cute too.

  137. george says:

    mighty gadget mighty argos might win

  138. keith says:

    Id love to win this.

  139. mohammed butt says:

    small, sweet, sexy and useful … a bit like my wife (“,) should b worth some brownie points !!

  140. Lakshmi says:

    I would love to be entered into this draw.

  141. snoop says:

    me, me me win win win!!!

  142. Tom Watson says:

    I’d so love to win one of these, never had a ipod before!!

  143. Callum says:

    I would love an Ipod touch as an old lady on the bus actually stole my last one, its sounds like a lie but its not! She sat next to me on the bus and when she walked of, it was gone! I hope I can win!

  144. Darren Turner says:

    I want to win for my son

  145. Joy Wright says:

    Hurrah gadget bliss – like Christmas come early!

  146. Mike Cruden says:

    After losing job and flat and then breaking my own mp3 player, a new one would be nice

  147. Sue says:

    I would love one of these, my current player only holds 4 or 5 albums and you can get very tired very quickly when you hear them so often.

  148. Dayna says:

    I’d love an ipod! Unfortunatly I don’t own any kind of music device!

  149. Tracy Hanley says:

    this is on my wish list, would love to win one , house of fun playing games listening to music

  150. Alan says:

    The most desirable gadget in the world.I’d love to win one!

  151. deborah wheeler says:

    I’d love to win this looks so useful

  152. Jo Young says:

    My daughter would love me to win an iPod Touch so I stop using hers :)

  153. Alasdair MacInnes says:

    Would love one of these :-)

  154. Maxine says:

    ooh … shiny …

  155. CG says:

    Yes please :-)

  156. Andrea says:

    love to win!

  157. sami says:

    really like to win this

  158. Sandra Cope says:

    My daughter has promised to tidy her room every day for a month if I win this for her!

  159. Neil Molyneux says:

    Great prize, great site

  160. Karl says:

    I need a new iPod. My last one died on holiday when it went for a swim in a puddle during a monsoon!

  161. Karl says:

    I need a new iPod. Please let me win. (p.s. I put the wrong e-mail address on the first post)

  162. Denise says:

    I have never owned an ipod, would love to win! Thank you for the competition.

  163. Sharon Lee says:

    Thanks for offering such a great prize Argos & Mighty Gadget :) Thumbs up!!

  164. s coppin says:

    would love to win. my grandson would think i was so cool !!

  165. Patricia Potts says:

    Would love this

  166. Steph Welsh says:

    Awesome example of Apple at its best. Ipod touch yes pls

  167. Gavin says:

    Please enter me.

  168. toni quandt says:

    love the look of the ipod touch… love to win this!

  169. Vaughan Hamilton says:

    I need to win this; basically I need an iPod because I was planning on walking to Australia in aid of some charity, possible a children’s one, or one with animals, people love sponsoring people doing stuff for kids and animals.

    I’m lying about the charity bit. And the walk. I just want to win. It’s a good feeling. Make me feel good.

  170. melanie e says:

    OMG i would love this!!!!! Been told they are easy to use and would come in handy whilst trying 2 lose baby fat from cutie no2. Please let me win ;)

  171. sue masterson says:

    What a great present for my sons 21st birthday at the end of the month

  172. Helen S says:

    I could only dream about having an iPod, especially a Touch, it would be all my dreams come true, until then I’ll just have to use my cra**y Sony one.

  173. roger artingstall says:

    would love to win this my kids might see me as cool at last!!

  174. Nick says:

    Great prize! Great site! Great to win!

  175. Georgina Ball says:

    Enter me please!

  176. lyn Blackburn says:

    I would love this because Ive wanted one of these the first time I looked at my nephews amazing.

  177. Dan Caldon says:

    My 2 year old Ipod Touch has just given up the ghost, so this would be an ideal replacement

  178. David Sweet says:

    Another entry here please

  179. Heather Shaw says:

    This would be great for the bus ride to work :) please enter me!

  180. andy salter says:

    I WANT ONE ……. please

  181. Nicola Khajavelidze says:

    Well, an Apple a day would certainly keep the doctor away! It would probably keep me away from pretty much everything with downloading tons of fab apps too!

    It’s pretty. It needs me. I need it. My precious.

  182. Paul Green says:

    I need to get in this digital age so could you enter me please.

  183. Jennifer Turnbull says:

    Great competition, would love to win this!

  184. Denice says:

    Be great to win this as a surprise for my daughter and to say well done for her exam results, good luck everyone.

  185. frances hopkins says:

    Fantastic competition, please enter me :-)

  186. Matthew Popplewell says:

    great prize

  187. Sean Brady says:

    If the answer to the Ultimate question of the meaning of life, the universe and everything is 42, how did they arrive at that answer?

  188. Belinda Hendry says:

    if i win one of these i can boogie round the house and sing my little heart out pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee can i be entered and pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee can i win

  189. Iryna says:

    can i have the ipod please.

  190. Keith says:

    it will be mine!

  191. Claire Richards says:

    I’d love to win an ipod touch! I havn’t got an mp3 player at the moment since my last one broke and really miss listening to music on the go- winning this would be awesome :)

  192. NATALIE says:

    Love gadgets and this is on my wishlist!

  193. Alan Martin says:

    Enter me please, I need a new mp3 player

  194. Shirley Gilbert says:

    Would love to win this!

  195. Heatherk says:

    Next to an ipad I dream of owning one of these. Please enter me for this great Gadget!!

    Good Luck Everyone.

  196. ImmortalBeloved says:

    Great comp! Would be nice to win and have at least 1 item in my life thats trendy!

  197. Linda H says:

    This would be a great replacement for my Sony Walkman player! (cassette)

  198. Frances Grasby says:

    I need to win to drag me into the 21st century…

  199. Sajjid Balolia says:

    Si, por favor!

  200. Rosie says:

    Enter me please!

  201. George Sabbo says:

    I would love to win :)

  202. Teresa Lee says:

    great prize..thanks for the comp

  203. T says:

    I’m the only one in my family who has not yet had a ‘bite’ of the Apple! Even my OAP mother has a Nano! Please let me have one of my ‘five a day’!!!

  204. Nicky says:

    Beautiful piece of technology, would love this

  205. Steven Carson says:

    Please enter me. Thank you

  206. abby says:

    Sounds like a fab competition! an ipod is on my wishlist!

  207. Solange says:

    Would love this.

  208. Richard Johnson says:

    Pretty please can I be entered into the iPod Touch competition?

  209. Mel Clarke says:

    I’d love love love and Ipod Touch!!

    Good Luck everyone :D xx

  210. Phil D says:

    Please enter me….(as the actress said to the Bishop)

  211. A WILLIAMS says:

    Wow, what a great comp. good luck to all

  212. Hanna says:

    I would love to win an ipod touch to give to my fiancee for his birthday!

  213. Steven Elliott says:

    Thankyou for the competition, count me in!

  214. sarah bailey says:

    thank you for this opportunity

  215. Jay says:

    Please enter me into the giveaway :-)

  216. lesley says:

    What a great prize and the sites pretty good as well

  217. Hel Jones says:

    Love your site! Fab competition!
    Would love one of these!

  218. Danielle Adams says:

    Give me an Ipod….please! :) x

  219. Dawn says:

    Great piece of kit!

  220. Ian Astley says:

    wow, well if you ever get this far down into the list, please enter me for the competition

  221. ANNE BAXTER says:

    just what my son would love for his birthday coming soon

  222. chyna lindfield says:

    these look brilliant! would love to get my hands on one of them…all those lovely apps AND music too! I’d be dancing till my shoes fell off!!

  223. Lorri says:

    Mighty great mighty gadget prize. Would love one of these x

  224. Aurelia Fredon says:

    It would make a great gift, fingers crossed.
    Thank you :)

  225. JADE HART says:

    Would love this seeing as some stupid stupid hotel maid stole mine -.- cheekyy.

  226. susannah southurst says:

    great prize please enter me into the competition


  227. Anne Nash says:

    Super prize, all my friends have got one. I’, the odd one out at the moment, Please chhose me :)

  228. Julie Feathers says:

    My OH won one of these, they are great

  229. Sandra Firth says:

    Looks great

  230. Laura Ward-Jones says:

    I’ve never had an iPod Touch and would love one!

  231. JULIE PANNELL says:

    please enter me

  232. hazel rigazio says:

    yes please enter me.

  233. Julia Clark says:

    Awesome – please enter me

  234. Sally Hay says:

    Fab prize, please enter me.

  235. Rachael says:

    Great prize from both Argos & mighty gadgets :)

  236. Cecelia Allen says:

    Please enter me to win an iPod I would really love to win. Thank you

  237. Doug Murray says:

    There comes a point when there are just too many apps and functions on these ipods – not there yet but the day will come

  238. Julie Booth says:

    please enter me.

  239. michelle evans says:

    Wow I would be made up to be able to own a Touch. x

  240. Shelley Rowles says:

    please enter me to win an ipod i would love to win. thanks.

  241. Gilla says:

    Please enter my name.

  242. ZOE says:

    Maybe this will be my lucky win ;)

  243. Claire says:

    I would love to win this too. :)

  244. antonia says:

    please let it be me

  245. Daphne says:

    Lovely prize, good luck!

  246. Richard Rowley says:

    I would really love to replace my 1GB mp3 player

  247. karim khimji says:

    enter me please!

  248. Mark Doherty says:

    Think it’s time I had one of these

  249. Emma Webster says:

    OOooo I would love to be entered

  250. Kelly smith says:

    ive never had an ipod and i would love the chance to win one, thanks :o) x

  251. Katherine Penny says:

    I would love to win this! Please enter me to win :0)

  252. shane weir says:

    i need this in my life

  253. A4514 says:

    My niece lost her ipod touch at my house! i cant afford to buy her a new one so id really love to win this for her x

  254. aasia anwari says:

    Id love to win one !!

  255. [email protected] says:

    Would love to win this, please enter me.

  256. Dovestar says:


  257. Julie Brett says:

    Would love this I’m an Apple iPod virgin!

  258. Zoe Homes says:

    Very nice prize – woud love to win thanks :)

  259. S. Astafanous says:

    Nice piece of kit

  260. Claire Simpson says:

    Great Comp… Would Love To Win!!

    Good Luck Everyone!

  261. Faye Stokes says:

    Love Apple products so much…nothing compares!

  262. Stephanie says:

    Pease enter me! Would like to win!

  263. Adam Frost says:

    Would love to win this prize as my old mp3 player is dying a slow death at the moment

  264. Jessica Bradley says:

    I have wanted one of these for ages!

  265. Pamela says:

    Been trying to save up for one of these – would love to win one

  266. David Rodgers says:

    I’d love to be entered, thanks!!!

  267. Natalie Smith says:

    Please enter me into this draw!

  268. Clare Hall says:

    Super prize. Just what I need!

  269. JesseP says:

    I would love to win this great prize.

  270. susie says:

    My life would be complete, if only I could win this!


    I’d love one of these. Thanks

  272. karen Railton says:

    would love to win one of these looks great

  273. cathryn johnson says:

    Would love to win this! thank you argos and mightygadget for this competition

  274. Yvette says:

    Ipod Nano is great, the IPOD touch would be fantastic!!!!

  275. stephanie nevens says:

    I would love to win an ipod touch please!

  276. Steph Meyer-Scott says:

    I keep tapping the screen of my old Sony MP3, forgetting that it’s not an Ipod touch. In my sleep, I’ve been known to mutter “Ipod touch….” and, sometimes, I look at other people’s Ipod’s and wish I had one instead of my Sony.

    Suffice to say, relations between me and my current MP3 are strained; I confess, I want to trade it in for a younger, sleeker model!

  277. Jackie Harrison says:

    What a great prize, would love to win this.

  278. Louise Clark says:

    mmmmmmm….yes please enter me

  279. Jason Bateman says:

    I’d love one of these my Panasonic tape walkman is getting old now… :-/

  280. Selina says:

    I need one of these!!

  281. Kimberley Stone says:

    Lovely jubbly! Great prize.

  282. Matthew Hooper says:

    I am requiring this prize

  283. Daniel Neale says:

    Fingers crossed!

  284. Adrian Trevelyan says:

    Simply an amazing bit of kit!

  285. Jacqueline Petty says:

    Fantastic prize, my record player comes a pretty poor second to this!

  286. Vicky McGrath says:

    Wow this looks amazing I would love to be entered please. Thanks Mightygadget and Argos Good Luck to everyone and me.

  287. Emma Davock says:

    I would love one of these! :)

  288. Jenny Helm says:

    Fab prize :)

  289. Diarmuid McCarthy says:

    Great prize

  290. Maurice Gooney says:

    I’ve had iTunes for a couple of years now, even though I’ve never had an iPod! ha. It’s the only store I trust knowing my purchase will actually count in the music chart.

    Wonderful competition, please enter me too. Good luck everyone!

  291. Timmers says:

    This is a new site to me, it’s great :) Cool prize too, thanks for the chance to win it :)

  292. Dave Churches says:

    Would be lovely if I knew how to switch it on!

  293. Roger C says:

    great gadget – a must have – please enter me

  294. adam barker says:

    great looking,useful phone

  295. nichola jones says:

    Would love an ipod touch.Good Luck everybody.x

  296. Greg Lewis says:

    All fingers and thumbs with conventional controls. Touch would solve this. Back to the music.

  297. Steve Johnson says:

    That’s one Mighty Gadget that I’d love to own. Keeping my fingers, toes and eyes crossed. :)

  298. Paul Marshall says:

    Please enter me to win! this is a groovy prize!

  299. Carrie-ann says:

    Yes please. Will stop my husband getting his mitts on my iphone

  300. linda wiles says:

    Bring on the gadgets

  301. kez wilson says:

    would love to win one of these for my soon to be husband as he has been going on on on about it for months.

  302. Stacey Webb says:

    I would love to win an iPod touch! pick me please! and thanks for a great competition x

  303. Sarah Rees says:

    Please enter me. Thats one awesome prize.

  304. cathy james says:

    would lobe to win this for my daughter

  305. Victoria says:

    If I had one of my own I could give my boyfriend his back TeeHee!!!

  306. Sharon Alderson says:

    Great prize :-)

  307. Sajeda Patel says:

    pick me, pick me, pick me, pick me, pick me

  308. Anne Tozer says:

    This would be lovely to win….

  309. Ruth Worthington says:

    Enter me please! Ooh, That sounds rude!

  310. Stuart Paton says:

    Would love to win this!

  311. emily fraser says:

    Really really would love to win this!! My ipod touch has just died :(

  312. Tom Hampson says:

    Would love to win this!

  313. Eve Clark says:

    With one of these its goodbye shuffle – please let me win

  314. Emma Moulden says:

    I would also love to win!

  315. Itsham Sajid says:

    Would lovee thiss!

  316. Rudi Diment says:

    Yes please, if your giving it away I will have one. Fanks!!

  317. Daniel P says:

    fingers crossed, bring on some tunes#!

  318. Mark says:

    ‘a comment’ fingers x’d

  319. Anne-Marie Mooney says:

    Fingers crossed.

  320. Jennifer Kelly says:

    Please enter me, fab comp :)

  321. Steve s says:

    I need to win this ipod as i want to get all my music in one place, plus it looks great

  322. Jess says:

    Fingers crossed xx, always wanted an ipod but Santa never came through

  323. Yolanda Barker says:

    would love to win Please :)

  324. Andrena Harrison says:

    I would sooooo love to win this.

    I have wanted one for so long xx

  325. Julia Cook says:

    this would be grand :)

  326. lynsey graham says:

    i would love to win this ipod touch, fantastic giveaway.

  327. Karen D says:

    Wow !!! would love to win to see if apple products are as good as the hype

  328. Lou says:

    Great competition :))

  329. Philip Grimble says:

    My mp3 broke ages ago and I’m stuck with a crappy little radio! Please let me win! Thanks!

  330. Debbie Davies says:

    Ooooh lovely, yes please!!! would love to be entered…. Very swish xx

  331. Kirsty Caffrey says:

    Wow would love to win one of these…… fabulous prize!!!! Good luck everyone x

  332. felicity morris says:

    Oh its amazing. My MP£ is so cheap and simple, I need something worthy of my music

  333. Kelly Ferguson says:

    hot hot hot !!!!!!!

  334. luke dublin says:

    Mine! Mine! gimme! gimme! please :)

  335. Amanda H says:

    I have longed for one of these for ages, how smart looking are they!?

  336. Richard says:

    Would love to win!

  337. Alison says:

    Please enter me :)

  338. bryan white says:

    I would love this to go running with…

  339. Clare White says:

    We can dream!!!!

  340. Vicky says:

    That is one posh piece of kit!

  341. Cheryll H says:

    Would love an iPod Touch… I am still using my pink iPod Mini (a bit battered and bruised but still going strong!) but could pobably do with something that can hold a little bit more music!

  342. cara says:

    oooh please enter me!! This is a great comp!! :)

  343. michelle thompson says:

    oooh what a lovely prize, can i be entered?

  344. Emma G says:

    would love to win!

  345. Mirt says:

    Haven’t got a MP3 player so would love to win this!

  346. Cat G. says:

    Wow, I could have music where ever I go

  347. Robert Mawson says:

    Would love to win!


  348. Rudy Roversi says:

    Please enter me!

  349. Claire MacKay says:

    I have never had any kind of mp3 player or ipod before and I would love to win one as I love listening to music!

    Thanks for the opportunity :)

  350. Jane says:

    Amazing!! Got my fingers, toes and eyes crossed as I would love one!

  351. Marita says:

    looks great, enter me plz

  352. Peter says:

    what a lovely prize

  353. steph bain says:

    i’d love to win this

  354. Richard Hornsey says:

    I wouldn’t not want to win this

  355. Christopher Bell says:

    I would love to win this but there are many people with sad stories so it will probably go to someone more deserving!

  356. Simon Moore says:

    And I was just going to buy one, will hold fire and keep my fingers crossed now.

  357. jason says:

    this really is an amazing gadget and a truly amazing prize

  358. JP Holroyd says:

    Go on then

  359. Donna Reynolds says:

    Brill comp enter me plz :D

  360. Kunai Shah says:

    Would love to win this! =]

  361. Neil Barrett says:

    Can we win an iPod dock next please…

  362. Sarah Revill says:

    great competition, would love to win :)

  363. kelly lindsay says:

    wow what a fab prize, please enter me xxxxxx

  364. Rob Eves says:

    I’m on board!

  365. andrea caizley says:

    I`m very ipod shy and haven`t got a clue how to use one of these, so to win one would bring me into the 21st century, and let me be able to do the the things that my kids do. thanks for the giveaway. x

  366. Sandra says:

    Oooo I would love one of these,
    so i could listen as I please

    I’d be bouncing and jumping
    my ears would be bumping

    And I would listen to music
    all day long

  367. Robert Shepherd says:

    I would love to win this for my son

  368. Maria says:

    Fab comp, please enter me

  369. Pete says:

    enter me please :-)

  370. jojo says:

    Would love to win this, my old mp3 is falling apart and as much as it is loved..I would love an Ipod touch to replace it with!!

  371. Michelle says:

    Would love to win this, thanks!

  372. peter arnold says:

    fantastic prize, would love to win! :)

  373. Andrea C. says:

    Great Give away – would love to win this!

  374. Kerrie Morley says:

    OOOOOOO Pick me! love the ipod

  375. Sean says:

    really would like an ipod touch xxxx

  376. Jenna Chesher says:

    Did you hear about the magic tractor?

    It turned into a field.

  377. Kevin James says:

    Would be a great replacement for my battered nano

  378. Rachel Fenney says:

    Oh, i desperately need a new phone – mine is just embarrasing now !! Would love to win this !!

  379. Jonathan Hope says:

    IPOD For The Win :D

  380. Cathy MacLennan says:

    Thank you for a smashing prize, I would love to enter please.

  381. I would so love to win one of these!!!!!!!!

  382. David Rosser says:

    wow! I would love one of these

  383. mark parker says:

    Great competition and fantastic prize

  384. Linda Knight says:

    WOW! This is simply gorgeous x

  385. n park says:

    Would really love to win this :0)

  386. Melanie Gardiner says:

    What a fab competition! Please enter me.

  387. rita says:

    count me in, would love one of these

  388. TMoyo says:

    Would love to win this.

  389. michelle moloney says:

    brill prize, i really really need to win it :)

  390. Sarah Bower says:

    Winning the iPod could bring this old dinosaur out of the technological dark ages! I’d hang it from my zimmer frame and get down with the kids…

  391. Lee Clark says:

    what an excellent item

  392. Laura Hadland says:

    Please enter me – is a great prize!

  393. Elliot Dawson says:

    I would love an iPod touch count me in!

  394. Lorraine Hutchinson says:

    Wow This is an Amazing Prize.
    I would really love to win this.

    A really Awesome competition :D

  395. Michelle Bamber says:

    Would love to win an IPod touch so I can listen to my music in peace. :)

  396. claire says:

    I so very need this prize! REALLY, REALLY HOPE I WIN!

  397. ROB says:

    Great prize – would love this.

  398. Michelle Williams says:

    Would love to win this, brilliant for me and the kids

  399. Chris Wise says:

    Fab Prize! Good Luck Everyone.

  400. Mark higginson says:

    WOOHOO!!! I want one…..


  401. Mark says:

    I want to win! xD

  402. donna bakewell says:

    please enter me in this comp will love u forever if i win :) :) :) :) :) :) x

  403. Jacki Amesbury says:

    Its would make a lovely gift for Father Christmas’s sleigh

  404. Sammie says:

    Ipod, Ipod, wherefore art thou Ipod?

    Hopefully winging your way to me soon ;-)

  405. stuart payne says:

    I think im the only won in my college who hasnt got a apple?

  406. Eleanor says:

    Wow, what a fantastic prize – love to win this!!

  407. Julia Johnson says:

    fingers crossed! Brilliant Gadge!

  408. Tina Young says:

    Im not greedy…I want to win it for my partner!

  409. Samantha says:

    Fingers crossed I win it so I have something to keep me amused on my commute to work :)

  410. Kerry Riley says:

    I’d love to win this for my son.

  411. Lisa W says:

    Would love to win! Thanks for the comp!

  412. Ally says:

    I’d love to win this!

  413. Karen Painter says:

    Awesome prize – I would so love to win this!!!

  414. TJ Hancock says:

    Thanks for the competition. Good luck everyone.

  415. Alison says:

    Please, please, pretty please can I win this Ipod Touch. I dont own an MP3 player would love one.

  416. Craig Stewart says:

    I’d love to win one of these

  417. Amanda R says:

    Bout time I joined the 21st Century and this would be perfect to use when I am out with my dog!

  418. Spencer Reed says:

    I’ve been badly in need of an ipod for a LONG time! Please enter me in the draw!

  419. Anne U says:

    I would love this for my son

  420. Michelle says:

    I’d love the chance to win this. It’s my husband’s birthday today and I haven’t bought him his pressie yet as I’m skint after our baby son’s first birthday last wednesday, he says its ok, but I feel awful about it. I also washed his ipod shuffle by accident last week, and I still feel really guilty about it, so having a chance to win this for him would be fantastic

  421. nicola harrison says:


  422. sheila says:

    so many people want this- but not as much as i do

  423. Holly says:

    I would love one of these – fingers crossed xx

  424. Pauline Appleton says:

    Great Competition, Great Prize
    Good luck Everyone

  425. David Haddock says:

    Please enter me :)

    Just stumbled across this site, I like it a lot consider yourselves ‘bookmarked’!

  426. Chris says:

    Sounds great…count me in!

  427. Joanne Green says:

    Bejeweled Blitz in bed – brilliant!

  428. Chmaine Apaloo-Lee says:

    Would like it, need a new & upgraded mp3 player

  429. Stuart Morrow says:

    looks cool

  430. Elaine Charles says:

    I would love to win this prize, i love my music.

  431. james says:

    Great prize. Fingers, legs, eyes crossed :)

  432. Paul Nichol says:

    I would love to win this.

  433. Eleanor Wigmore says:

    Would love to win this! Thanks for the competition.

  434. John Sheehan says:

    Please enter me in your competition.

  435. Kellie says:

    Lovely prize – please enter me ♥

  436. chris bull says:

    I’d love to win this,it would replace my ipod shuffle.

    Good luck all :-)

  437. Jonathan R says:

    you’ve got to be in it to win it and I’d like to win it so put me in it

  438. Diane says:

    My boyfriend recently bought an iPod Touch – he’s hardly put it down since! He even takes it to bed with him. Maybe if I won one, I could get my own back ….

  439. Paula Claridge says:

    ooh this looks great!

  440. Daniel Austin says:


  441. Ann Ferris says:

    The Ipod Touch,
    So sleek and black,
    Hope my postie has one,
    In his sack!

    T-T-T-T-Touch Me, pleaseee. :)

  442. Mark Argent says:

    Ny Ipod just broke, I need to win this

  443. John K says:

    Yes please – prezzie for the wife – brownie points for me :)

  444. Richard Baker says:

    Cool comp, cool prize, defo a must have, luv it! Thanks!

  445. Annette Alter says:

    What a fantastic prize – please count me in! Thank you.

  446. Sharon says:

    What a cool prize, wouldnt mind one of these.

  447. Rob Falconer says:

    if I won this, maybe my kids would think of me as less of a failure!

  448. Norma Anderson says:

    This has got my name on it! OK …. It hasn’t – but I wish it had!!!!

  449. Adrian Hamlin says:

    Is the Ipod teh product that will define this generation?

  450. Yes please i want one of these.

  451. Amanda says:

    I’d love to win this for my cat because he’s the only cat in the neighbourhood without one and all the other cats make fun of him!

  452. David Lane says:

    One of these would be great for putting my CD’s on.

  453. Lux says:

    I really deserve this. Trust me!

  454. Geoff Hibbert says:

    I’m still using a Walkman and tapes but there are tooooo many entries for me to have a chance!

  455. Jayne K says:

    Great prize. Count me in please.

  456. Jan says:

    i need one of these !

  457. denise cross says:

    i would love to win this as I have been wanting one for ages

  458. MIA Fergusson says:

    SIZZLING SAUSAGES This sounds good to me!

  459. kayleigh white says:

    WOW please enter me – i really want one of these xxx

  460. kevin white says:

    Pleae enter me mighty gadget,
    for this super duper music gadget,
    I could listen all day and listen all night,
    and fill me head with wonderful delight.

  461. Sophie Richards says:

    Dropped my ipod in the bath last week :-( – REALLY need a new one!!

  462. anne says:

    Oh my god this ipod touch is magic,
    brought to us by mighty gadget,
    I’d love to have one,
    I really want one,
    please pick me “oh migghty gadget!”

  463. Sarah Laycock says:

    I’ve lusted after one of these for quite a while and it’s definitely on the Christmas list!

  464. Heather says:

    I REALLY want to win this. I never win anything :(

  465. Paul Stanley says:


  466. Hazel Smithies says:

    Fantastic prize – would love to win this. Many thanks to MightyGadget and Argos.

  467. Michael Horsfield says:

    Great Prize!!!

  468. David Dawson says:

    I am one of those (rare?) people who have so far managed to avoid any apple products so it would be interesting to win one and see if they live up to the “hype”

  469. Lee Clarke says:

    I met Lord Bertie Laguna at Covelly last Saturday while I was walking the south west coastal path!

  470. sarah mchale says:

    I’d love an ipod touch please let me win

  471. joanna PARKER says:

    Please enter me in the competion!

  472. Debbie Gillespie says:

    I’d love an iPod Touch.

  473. Therese Pastore says:

    I would love to win this

  474. Ray Fielding says:

    Count me in

  475. Colin Richardson says:

    This is what my ears have been waiting for :)

  476. Andy Caldwell says:

    Me,Me Me Please

  477. jackie talbot says:

    Please enter me.

  478. KATIE PLUMTREE says:


  479. Laura Williams says:

    Oh! in my hand I’d love to clutch,
    A fab and shiny iPod touch.
    I wouldn’t faint or die as such,
    But i would love it very much!

    please enter me! I neeeeeeeeeeed one! ;-) x

    thank you xxxxx

  480. Given that my girlfriend’s iPod Mini is on it’s last legs and she has an unhealthy addiction to Angry Birds, this would be perfect for her.

  481. helen B says:

    please enter me into this great comp.thankyou

  482. Cassandra says:

    pick me, pick me!!

  483. Hayley R says:

    Looks fab – I’s love one!!

  484. Tina Massue says:

    Thank you to Mighty Gadget and Argos for an excellent prize. Good luck to everyone entering.xx

  485. Maria Webster says:

    I’d love an Ipod touch : ) enter me into the draw please!

  486. Natalie Goatley says:

    *prays* … please Lord, guide Mighty Gadget into picking me to win this iPod and i promise to preach the word to everyone i see that Argos is the greatest store of all between worshipping and appreciating one of the greatest electronic gadgets to be brought to this world in a very long time.. ;)

  487. Ian Hadley says:

    I could do with this, my shuffle has made its way round the washing machine, never been the same since! :-((

  488. Maya Russell says:

    Mighty Gadget and Argos giving away an iPod Touch! Brilliant. Please put me in the draw.

  489. Helen Stratton says:

    A great prize. We have one in our house and it’s brill but all 4 kids fight over it :). Good luck everyone!

  490. iain maciver says:

    this would be perfect for my daughter please count me in thanks

  491. janet sykes says:

    i broke the screen on my sons ipod touch last,
    it would be great to this, just to make me feel better

  492. J Gallant says:

    This would be a perfect gift for someone I know…

  493. brenda heads says:

    I have borrowed my sons ipod a few times and really love it, would love to win one for myself.

  494. Alison Reid says:

    what a great site, and a great competition…many thanks, count me in!!

  495. Christina Wong-Curley says:

    Never own an iPod, as to save my ears from misery, because my man will moan to eternity!

    Thanks for running the competition & Good Luck to all :)

  496. hayley andrews says:

    would love to win this, Im the only one in my family who hasn’t got one – boo hoo!

  497. Phillip says:




  498. Chris says:

    Cool! If I win one of these, I’ll just use some double sided sticky tape to attach my mobile to it and hey presto, an iPhone! Only without the signal loss.

  499. nicola hawley says:

    Please enter me

  500. sophie millar says:

    Please enter me! thanks!

  501. Kelly West says:

    great competition – thank you!

  502. David Rowlinson says:

    Lets hope I have the winning Touch.

  503. Dawn Underwood says:

    Oh dear, nearly 500 entries so not much chance of me winning and I’d really like it too!

  504. Karina Braekkan says:

    I would love to win this!

  505. Ian says:

    Many thanks to Might Gadget and Argos for this fabulous prize. An excellent gadget and a superb product!

  506. sophia says:

    aha! With the tube app on the i touch i would not have to be late for work or stand getting shoved on a platform again! hurrah for technology!!!! : )

  507. Grant Allman says:

    Please please please my phone is falling apart

  508. Christine Johnson says:

    Good luck, Thanks for the competition

  509. matthew fuller says:

    Looks good….

  510. Alex Brownlee says:

    Would love to win this

  511. Martina says:

    WOW! Seems too good to be true…

  512. Karen Sargent says:

    Would be over the moon to win this, my iPod nano is ‘corrupted’ according to itunes!

  513. Peter Cusack says:

    Wot, no 64Gb ?-)

    Oh – go on, then!

  514. Gilly says:

    Fab prize!!!!!

  515. Cheryl Dickson says:

    iPods are cool,but iPod touch have so much more to offer,i’d love to win this

  516. Alan Clarke says:

    A must-have little gadget
    What a great iPod Touch
    If it wends it’s way to me
    I’d say ‘Thank You’ so much !!

  517. Matthew Burr says:

    Its a great prize.The thing that is so good about the Touch is those things it does that you dont expect it to.Not just an MP3 player for those with a phone and not wanting an iphone.As a standalone PMP for gaming , video and email it is excellent.So much more than its MP3 background suggests, and at a reasonable price.As you may have guessed I am a big fan.

  518. Ellen Stafford says:

    Wow fabtastic prize!!! xxx

  519. Chris says:

    Would love to win one of these. Thanks.

  520. Tracy Newton says:

    I would love to win this.

  521. Sally W says:

    Heard of these, never been up close & personal with one though, but would like to give it a try.

  522. Rachel Dann says:

    I would be absolutely ecstatic if i were chosen as the lucky winner of the iPod Touch! Things like that don’t happen to people like me xx Please could you enter my name too xx

  523. Dionne Norman says:

    Fantastic prize – would love to win! x

  524. Beverley says:

    Would love to bag this as a birthday present for him who must be ignored. Then he might stop nicking mine and filling it up with rubbush!

  525. peter cleasby says:

    it looks a fun piece of kit

  526. Neil Pearson says:

    Please enter me in the competition

  527. Caroline Eccles says:

    AN awesome prize… count me in as well please x x

  528. Clare McDonald says:

    Fab prize, I’d love an ipod touch :-)

  529. Jackie Curran says:

    A great prize, please include me.

  530. Claire Nelson says:

    What a wonderful giveway,hopefully I am still in time to be added to the draw! thank you!

  531. Michael Ambler says:

    Does it come with Woofers and Tweeters?

  532. Usamah Ward says:

    Class from Apple, no doubt!

  533. claire woods says:

    I would love to win one of these. What a great prize. I should be so lucky!

  534. Trudi Walsh says:

    I think the iPod Touch is a fab little gadget, thank you very much for offering a great prize!

  535. William Gould says:

    Fabulous prize! I’d love to be entered!

  536. Caroline Shepherd says:

    Would love to win this as a present for my dear old dad! x

  537. hollie fraser says:

    i would LOVE to win this prize! have never won anything and to win such a brilliant prize would make my day!

  538. Layla Thomas says:

    Needed: 1 mighty gadget to bring tired, middle-aged mum into this century. Must be willing to replace tired, middle-aged MP3 that is ready for retirement

  539. brian says:

    id love it, love it, love it like that if I won

  540. lyn christian says:

    I wanna win one.

  541. John Taggart says:

    i-tech i-spec i-loveit !

  542. Kulwinder Lombardelli says:

    A great prize.

  543. Wayne says:

    As theysay, an apple a day keeps the doctor away

  544. Fouad Aidibi says:

    Me too! classy bit of kit……..

    wheres the comments bit on the other posts?

    im askin becuase I wanted to ask you something about the kindle…cheers

  545. Julie Kenny says:

    Wow would love to win – thanks Xx

  546. Julie Davies says:

    I am such a technophobe but I would love to win one of these – my son would have to show me what to do !!

  547. Lee Gardner says:

    thanks for running such a great prize

  548. Dale Arnold says:

    Id love to win this, enter me!!!

  549. A Carlton says:

    Out massive pile of CDs, in Ipod touch!! would love this fab prize!


  551. Natalie Porter says:

    Pick me, pick me! I’d love to win an ipod touch…

  552. J Hendry says:

    iPhonely I had an iPod touch,
    the tunes I could listen to…
    please pick me as your winner
    and make all my dreams come true!

  553. Stuart O says:

    This would help alleviate a few ‘who listens to what’ debates with me and my wife. However, we’d have to learn to use if first ….. I think if I won i’d give it to her as a pressie as she did give me my two gorgeous sons

  554. Judith says:

    I’ve never got onto the ‘Apple’ trend. never owned any apple product but i had a play on my friends iphone the other day, its is spellbinding! :)

  555. Roger Lake says:

    Just in time

  556. Ipod Touch – real cool gear – luvly jubbly!

  557. Derek Barnes says:

    Let me be the winner please.

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